Geomancy Courses 2024

Based on traditional wisdom and contemporary needs we offer practical and experiential GEOMANCY and EARTH DOWSING courses

IN 2024 we are offering a workshop in

15th and 16th June, 2024

In Ashdown Forest in East Sussex amidst the magic of Beech Hill Stone Circle
More information and bookings are on our sister site at Land and Spirit

Geomancy Online

Geomancy is a variety of practices derived and evolving from ancient global wisdom. Any geomancer may delve into one or more of these realms depending on their skills, culture, and the subject of the work they’re undertaking.
We are putting together online training focusing on various aspects of Geomancy, which we hope to have available in the next few months.
Check-in to this website for more information – coming up soon or subscribe to our mailing list for updates

The Druid Grove
Geomancy is about connecting with the natural world – often beyond the physical realms. It brings us into higher consciousness in our relationship to our homes and other environments, as it furthers the connection between people and spaces.
Here in this drawing, The Druid Grove, (1845), A robed man, presumably a druid, sits beneath an ancient tree while in the background there is a gathering of three more druids.

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