About Geomancy


‘GEOMANCY’ derives from the Greek words GE, earth, and MANTEIA, divination or prophecy. Its literal meaning is “Earth Reading”.

EDowsing ELements
Elements of Dowsing

Generally, there are two streams of Geomantic Practices.

  • The divinatory method whereby foretelling is done principally using sand or some method of earth casting.
  • Geomantic knowledge or earth wisdom employed as a “science” for better living, dying, and worship.

These two streams of Geomancy have been practiced widely and often concurrently. However, it is to the earth divinatory method that the name Geomancy is first applied.

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Our focus here is Geomancy, the study of environmental effects, at mundane and subtle energetic levels, and its relationship to human endeavours.

No doubt people have always been conscious of earth energies. From this attraction has arisen a new global eclectic Geomantic discipline that is by its nature ever-evolving.

Geomancy Incorporates

  • Microcosmic divinatory system
  • The macrocosmic context of leys and other dowsable earth energies
  • Planetary-wide topographical engineering and hidden patterns embedded in the landscape
  • The design of megalithic and temple structures and other sacred spaces
  • Sacred geometry and metrology, astrology, and astronomical alignment.
  • Local folk magic traditions
  • Religious and earth magic ceremonial usage
  • Vastu Shastra & Feng shui
  • Native American medicine wheel teachings, and other global cultural traditions.
  • Geopathic stress and site healing
  • The new sciences of baubiologie, geobiologie and renewable energy
  • Water divining
  • Green architecture
  • Technopathic stress.
Callanish Standing Stones
Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Robert Fludd
Early 17th Century by Robert Fludd, Anima Mundi – World Soul

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