Earth Energies

A Compendium of Earth Energies Genius Loci – the spirit of place of a home, village, city or piece of landscape. Geological faults – unstable, radon-rich areas inadvisable to build on. River Dragons – surface water-courses, prone to pollution, and choking by dams. Mountain Dragons – strong, dense energies found… Continue reading

Mysterious Underground Energies

Divining the Underground Earth Energies Using the Chinese Compass Method Knowledge of the mysterious underground energies and the ability to divine their precise location is as integral to the Chinese Feng Shui tradition as it is to other geomantic traditions of the world. The personification of the telluric currents as… Continue reading

Seven Levels of Dowsing

OVERVIEW OF DOWSING Level One – On Site Dowsing Where the dowser must be directly over the target. Level Two – Distance Dowsing The dowser can stand at the edge of a field and ask the question. With pendulum or L rod in one hand point with the other for… Continue reading