Ethics for Geomancers

Ethic for Geomancers If you wish to practice Geomancy it is important to be conscious of your motivations and responsibilities. Following are two Ethical Charters for you to read and consider. One is from the “Magical Arts” and the other comes from the Feng Shui world. Both are important for… Continue reading

Dowsing for Geomancy

Dowsing for Geomancy Dowsing is a primary technique of Geomantic Practice. Used as a geomantic divination practice one can access information about placement, such as where to situate a house or garden feature; information about the quality of energy, such as the vibrational quality of a ley; and generally for… Continue reading

Geomancy Courses Online

WANT TO FIND OUT ABOUT OUR GEOMANCY COURSES? Sign up below. Promise we won’t send you a whole lot of stuff. We’re too busy designing courses. But we’ll let you know when what we have on offer. Subscribe * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Continue reading

Geopathic Stress – Signs and Symptoms

Possible Consequences of Geopathic Stress Determining factors for Geopathic Stress The signs and symptoms of Geopathic stress will vary from person to person and place to place depending on – the individual pathologies of the people inhabiting the space the age and general health of the inhabitants the type of… Continue reading