Elemental Nature of Herbs

Elemental and Magical Association of Plants The four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) are the basic components of the universe. All that exists between Heaven and Earth or has the potential to exist is said composed of one or more of these energies. The most fundamental manifestations of the… Continue reading

Angelic Faeries

Angelic Faeries Erotes Erotes are the little winged attendants and messengers of the god Eros, whose function is to keep humanity full of love and inspired to forge an ever deeper intimacy with the true nature of existence. The love – darts they fire are shots of erotic energy, the… Continue reading

Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits Brownies Brownies are helpful, solitary house and farm faeries who dislike acknowledgement or criticism. Devas Devas are the spirits that hold nature together. Everything manifest in the universe has an idea behind it, a thought-form that is the blueprint of a physical form. Devas ensure that these thought… Continue reading