Timing by the Moon

Moon Timing By the Light Moon timing is possibly the oldest form of astrological timing used for rituals, spells, farming and many personal and community endeavours. Systematic observation of the moon was practised by hunter-gather societies as evidenced by markings on bones and cave walls. They show that lunar cycles… Continue reading

Planetary Hours

Planetary Hours Planetary Hours gives an associated ruling planet for each hour of the day and night. These rulers lend energy to the hour that has been traditionally used for elective timing in rituals, ceremonies, spell casting etc A day or hour that has a relationship to your activity can… Continue reading

The Eight Sabbats

The Eight Sabbats The cyclic flow of the patterns of nature through the year is celebrated in many cultures by dividing the year into eight parts or eight sabbats, with eight festivals to celebrate the changing seasons with song, dance, ceremony, reflection and coming together in community. These eight sabbats… Continue reading

Elemental Nature of Herbs

Elemental and Magical Association of Plants The four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) are the basic components of the universe. All that exists between Heaven and Earth or has the potential to exist is said composed of one or more of these energies. The most fundamental manifestations of the… Continue reading

Guidelines for Creating Ceremonies

Guidelines for Creating Ceremonies Preplanning What is the purpose of the ceremony or ritual? Having a clear intention provides the basic focus from which to begin Ask for clarity and guidance by finding a quiet space/place, light a candle and be open to intuitive ideas Make a statement of your… Continue reading