Sources and Resources – Technostress

Perspective Scientific -UK They manufacture and sell meters which measure magnetic fields only, electric fields only and meters which measure both and products For the most up-to-date scientific research on all technopathic stress issues. Surveys, research, hires out EMF meters. An excellent source of information The Powerwatch shop… Continue reading

Technostress – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions How far away is ‘safe’ from pylons, substations and transformers? Pylons You need to find out what voltage they are and what they are supplying (i.e. residential properties or industrial premises, etc.,) to evaluate the ‘safe’ distance from your property. Initial guide distances are suggested below; a… Continue reading

Electrical Hyper-Sensitivity

Many people are become Hyper-Sensitive to Electrical fields as w are increasingly surrounded by electropollution. The prolific use of electricity is increasing to meet the demands of technologically driven society. Research is now showing that there is an association between exposure to electromagnetic fields (ENTs), produced whenever we use electricity,… Continue reading

Mobile Phone Towers

Mobile Phone Towers and their EMR affect the immediate surroundings Most mobilephone towers have been located in the most highly populated areas of the world. The building terrace on which these metal towers are installed radiates harmful vibrations of accumulated EMF to the environment ranging 25 m. from the source.… Continue reading

Dangers of Technostress

DANGERS OF TECHNO-STRESS All the dangers assocaited with technostress are not completely understood.  The nature of EMF is very complex and the number of EMF sources are rapidly growing. The entire effect of multiple electromagnetic fields on human physiology is something we are learning more about. However, it is well… Continue reading