Dowsing for Geomancy

Dowsing for Geomancy

Dowsing is a primary technique of Geomantic Practice. Used as a geomantic divination practice one can access information about placement, such as where to situate a house or garden feature; information about the quality of energy, such as the vibrational quality of a ley; and generally for gaining knowledge of the unseen and unknown.

Here is a list of geomantic pursuits for which dowsing is a very useful skill.

Underground Fixtures

Cables, water pipes, gas mains…

Archaeological Features

Buried cities, walls, gateways…

Mineral and Geological Surveys

Earth Energies Survey

Underground streams, leys, global grids…

Water Divining

Dowsing for boreholes and wells, including depth and flow rates

Visible and Etheric Sha

Destructive energy from various sources

Neighbourhood issues

Micro and Macro Environment


Electromagnetic Fields, Phone masts…

Boundaries issues

Dowsing for physical, legal and psychic boundaries

Object Placement and Design

Garden Features, furniture, room usage…

Design of Sacred Space

Siting, design features, tapping into inherent beneficial energy streams

Client Reading

Relationship to environment, health & prosperity

Ghosts, Entities, Curses

Locating, communicating, clearing

Elementals, Nature Spirits, Trees

Locating, communicating, healing, offerings…


Healing in all sorts of contexts

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