Seven Dimensions of Dowsing


Stage One

Direct Dowsing

Where the dowser is onsite and directly over the target

Dowsing for the location of underground streams

Dowsing for cables and pipes

Stage Two

Remote Dowsing

The dowser can stand at the edge of a field and ask the question. With pendulum or L rod in one hand point with the other for reaction.

Point one L rod and turn your body until the rod “sticks”

Turn and scan with the L rod or pendulum

Dowsing for where to place a fixture

Dowsing by sight for anomalies in the visible landscape

Stage Three

Distance Dowsing – Out of Sight

The dowser tunes into a subject usually with a point of focus

Map Dowsing

Photograph Dowsing

Dowsing with a witness, such as with a lock of hair

Distance viewing (also called remote viewing)

Stage Four

Deviceless Dowsing

The dowser uses signals in their body such as twitches

Using fingers

Use visual images in your mind

Muscle testing

Stage Five

Making Changes

Dowsing for changes on the physical dimension

Dowser focuses on remedial actions – from diviner to effector

What colour to paint the house

What does this the nature spirit require

Location of cures

Diversion of streams.

Stage Six


Transforming the quality of energy with direct healing using the dowsing as a conduit

Distance Healing

Earth Acupuncture

The Healer transforms energy from sick to healthy.

Stage Seven


The Diviner, Dowser, Healer are at One with Source

Instant Blessing

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