Seven Levels of Dowsing


Level One – On Site Dowsing

Where the dowser must be directly over the target.

Level Two – Distance Dowsing

The dowser can stand at the edge of a field and ask the question.

With pendulum or L rod in one hand point with the other for reaction.

Point one L rod and turn your body until the rod “sticks”

Turn and scan with the L or Yrod.

Level Three – Out of Sight
Over the horizon

Map Dowsing

Photograph Dowsing

Level Four – Deviceless Dowsing

Use signals in your body

Use visual images in your mind

Level Five – Making Changes

Not only can a dowser diagnose a problem but s /he can direct intention in such a way as to stop the problem.

The Diviner goes from observer to “effector”

Houseclearing, from the physical to the spiritual

Mental Diversion of streams.

Level Six – Create New

The Diviner/Healer not only stops the problem but can transform energy/matter from sick to healthy.

Level Seven – Unity

The Diviner/Dowser and their Creator are One.

Instant Blessing

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