Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits


Brownies are helpful, solitary house and farm faeries who dislike acknowledgement or criticism.


Devas are the spirits that hold nature together. Everything manifest in the universe has an idea behind it, a thought-form that is the blueprint of a physical form. Devas ensure that these thought forms are made manifest.


Dryads are the guardian spirits of trees and woods, and can wander the woods, often congregating in the oldest and strongest trees.


live in the mountains and are expert miners for gold and precious stones and excellent metal workers.

Elves, Tuatha De Danaan

Elves, Tuatha De Danaan are creatures of light entrusted by the mother earth goddess as custodians of nature. Overseeing the work of the nature devas, they live in communities in wild places.

Fauns & Satyrs

Fauns & Satyrs serve the great god Pan and protect the wildlife of the woods and fields.

Flower Faeries

Flower Faeries are tiny slender child-like plant spirits with diaphanous wings and clothing and colouring to match their flowers.


Goblins are revengeful earth elementals, and a bad influence on naughty children. They can be removed by covering the floors witth flax-seed.


Gremlins are mischievous beings that cause electrical appliances and electronic machinery to malfunction.


Hamadryads are attached to their host tree.


Hobgoblins have become warmth-loving helpful house faires who love to play pranks. They are friendly unless offended, and can be appeased with bread and milk at night.


Imps are mischievous beings.


Leprechauns are usually seen beneath a foxglove making a shoe and can lead you to treasure. They delight in teaching lessons.


Lamia is a seductive shape- shifting snake – woman, a succubus who kills crying children in inverted maternal hate.


Lauma is a solitary Baltic woodland faery with infinite compassion for children, mothers, child-birth, and the poor, who often weeps as she weaves the threads of every child’s life.


Mermaids are fish – women who lure sailors to a watery grave with their beautiful voices.


Mimis are Aboriginal landscape spirit people.


Naiads inhabit fresh-water pools and springs.


Nereids sometimes take the form of mermaids, and help sailors in danger of shipwreck or drowning.


Nymphs are female spirits who inhabit places of great natural beauty. They represent the pure, unspoiled, feminine aspect of nature, and are the hand-maidens of the nature goddess Diana.


Oceanids inhabit the great oceans.


Oreads live in the mountains, and are closely connected with Aphrodite, goddess of love

Pixies, piskies

Pixies are mischievous faeries of the moors and heaths, with hats like magic mushrooms.

Puck, Bucca, Robin Goodfellow

Puck, Bucca, Robin Goodfellow are mischievous spiritual vigilantes who can control the weather.


Sirens are bird – women whose beautiful music lures ships onto the rocks, the sailors being then devoured.

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