Sources for Elementals, Nature Spirit & Deities

Sources for Elementals, Nature Spirit & Deities

The Uses of Enchantment

Bruno Bettelheim, Penguin, 1991

This work describes how we make use of faery tales to cope with feelings, such as those of anxiety and powerlessness, with special emphasis on how such stories are of psychological help to children. Many traditional tales, such as Cinderella, are interpreted.

Fairies, Real Encounters with Little People

Janet Bord, Michael O’Mara Books Ltd, 1997

A fascinating collection of real encounters by this experienced author on the supernatural.

 A Dictionary of Fairies

Katherine Briggs, Penguin, 1977

A highly comprehensive, detailed and very readable work on all aspects and types of faery, in tradition and folklore.

A Book of Fairies

Katherine Briggs, Penguin, 1977

A selection of accounts from faery lore, by this erstwhile president of the English Folklore Society. The contents of this book are drawn from the much longer Dictionary of Fairies.

 The Case of the Cottingley Fairies

Joe Cooper, Pocket Books Simon & Schuster Ltd., 1997

The intriguing story of the Cottingley faeries is here explored, fully and factually.

 Ancient Wisdom, Magic from around the World

Cassandra Eason, Parragon, 1997

A comprehensive study of global traditions of divination.

The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries

W.Y. Evans Wentz, Colin Smythe 1997

Compiled in the early years of the twentieth century, this account of traditional experiences with faeries is a classic.

The Tree Ogham

Glennie Kindred, 1997, ISBN 0953222721

A sensitive introduction to the Celtic Tree Calendar.

 To Hear the Angels Sing, an Odyssey of Co-creation with the Devic Kingdom

Dorothy Maclean, Lindisfarne, 1990

The full and inspiring story of Findhorn, and how co-operation with nature spirits brought notable results.

 The Book of Faeries

Francis Melville, Quarto, 2002

A comprehensive introductory guide to the world of elves, pixies, goblins and other magic spirits.

Faeries and Nature Spirits

Teresa Moorey, Hodder and Stoughton, 1999

A good beginner’s guide to Faery beliefs and spells.

The Faerie Way

Hugh Mynne, Llewellyn, 1998

This work is highly recommended for those who wish to explore the Faerie tradition and embark on journeys into the world of Faerie and a process of self-transformation, a practical and inspiring book of Otherworld experience.

Fairy Spells, Seeing and Communicating with the Fairies

Claire Nahmad, Souvenir Press, 1997

A beautifully illustrated and sensitively written account of the faeries, their haunts and preferences, with suggestions for contacting faeries and obtaining healing through them.

 The Living World of Faery

R.J. Stewart, Gothic Image, 1995

Unforgettable accounts, practical instructions and traditional lore. compiled by this contemporary seer and scholar. Highly recommended.

Wishing Well

Patricia Telesco, Crossing Press, 1997

An encyclopaedia of wishing traditions from around the world.

The Celtic Twilight

W.B. Yeats, Prism, 1990

A collection of mystical tales, accounts and experiences, by the Irish poet and occultist.


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