Earth Energies

A Compendium of Earth Energies

Genius Loci – the spirit of place of a home, village, city or piece of landscape.

Geological faults – unstable, radon-rich areas inadvisable to build on.

River Dragons – surface water-courses, prone to pollution, and choking by dams.

Mountain Dragons – strong, dense energies found along ridges.

Underground Water veins – affected by moon-phase, important to mammalian health.

Blind Springs – nourishing energy associated with sacred sites.

Leys – straight overground paths of solar spiritualising energy, with associated twin male and female serpentine currents.

Global Geomagnetic Grids – differing scales, and positive or negative polarities and associations.

Mineral deposits – specific dowsable signatures, and liable to attract landscape trauma by mining operations.

Song-lines – traditional aboriginal paths across country.

Track-lines – animal and human paths and roads, some millennia-old.

Landscape devas, elemental spirits, portals – the subtle planes of spiritual life of an area.

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