Seven Sacred Trees of the Celts

Seven Sacred Trees of the Celts

Birch: Sunday

The birch is the symbol of rebirth and purification, new beginnings and new hopes for another week. It marks the leaving behind of last week’s failures and regrets. Carry or wear birch, inscribed in Ogham, on Sundays when you feel that you have a heavy load to shed from the previous week.

Willow: Monday

This is the tree of intuition, of listening to your inner voice and wisdom. Carry or wear your willow symbol on Mondays if you feel that other people are influencing you with their expertise and pushing you along paths you do not wish to travel It can also protect you against double-dealing.

Holly: Tuesday

The holly was regarded as the king of the waning year and sacred to the Celtic God Taranis, God of Lightening and protector God with his mighty club. The Tuesday tree represents concern for domestic issues and protection of any family members and close friends who may be vulnerable. Wear or carry your holly symbol on Tuesdays when those you love are under threat or you feel the need to draw strength from hearth and home.

Hazel: Wednesday

This is the tree of official wisdom and justice, of following the conventional path and paying attention to detail. Carry or wear it on Wednesdays if you have contact with officialdom, finance or the law or you need assistance with any kind of formal learning or testing.

Oak: Thursday

This is regarded as the king of the waxing year ruling from the winter to the summer solstice. The Thursday tree is symbol of nobility of purpose and independence. Wear or carry your oak symbol on Thursdays when you need to assert your principles, assert your independence or make a stand against injustice.

Apple: Friday

To the Celts the apple was the symbol of fertility and immortality The Friday tree represents the effort you need to put into your life so that it will bear fruit. Wear your apple symbol to expand your horizons and find new approaches to old problems and for love or fertility matters.

Alder: Saturday

This was traditionally used for bridges and foundations, for example the foundations of Amsterdam, Holland in later times were made of alder. The Saturday tree represents firm foundations, security and a bridge between different opinions. Carry or wear your alder symbol on Saturdays when you experience doubt in yourself or your achievements. It says that you are on the right path and that your unique talents make you special and of worth.

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