Trees for Esbats

Trees for Esbats

The celebration of each Full Moon cycle with a ritual is known as an Esbat.

Each of the Full Moons throughout the year relate to different tree spirit or dryad.

It is very empowering, if given the opportunity, to celebrate the full moon in a grove, or with an individual tree, associated with the Esbat.

The Full Moons dont strictly correspond with the months of the calendar we use now. which is a Roman invention and more to do with solar cycles. Read about Lunar Months for more information about the moon cycles.


(1)  January – Ashgrove

(2) February – Aldergrove

(3) March – Willow

(4) April – Whitethorn

(5) May- Oakgrove

(6) June – Hollytree

(7) July – Hazel

(8) August – Appletree

(9) September – Blackthorn

(10) October – Eldertree

(11) November -Yewtree

(12) December – Birchgrove

(13) Thirteenth Moon – Rowantree.

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