Trees of the Planets

Trees of the Planets

Like the astrological sun sign trees, planetary trees can be used as a focus for different energies and often overlap with the sun sign trees. They can be used to strengthen the sun sign trees and if you pick both a sun sign tree and the tree of its ruling planet you can double the power. For example, if you needed a sudden burst of inspiration, you would pick the twig of a walnut or olive tree for the planet tree of the sun and combine it with the birth sign ruled by the sun, fiery Leo, using an orange or laurel tree to reinforce. Just as flowers can be combined for different energies, you can collect an assortment of twigs as a focus, and you can weave them together as an amulet.

You can also select planetary energies and use them with other birth sign trees of the Zodiac. For example, you might need to strengthen your resolve if others are attacking your principles. A Mars-influenced tree such as a juniper, combined with an Aquarian tree, such as the flowering cherry, would make you more assertive and vigorous in standing your ground.

Trees of the Sun

Trees for energy, inspiration self-confidence and joy include almond, ash, olive, palm, and walnut. The sun rules Leo.

Trees of the Moon

Trees for emotional matters, motherhood, caring for others and fertility include the banana tree, coconut, mango tree, mountain ash, rowan and willow The moon rules Cancer.

Trees of Mercury

Trees for clear communication, money, travel and healing include aspen, bamboo, cedar, hazel and mulberry tree. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.

Trees of Venus

Trees for happy relationships, love matters, family and friendships include the apple tree, avocado, birch, coconut tree, myrtle, peach and plane tree. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

Trees of Mars

Trees for positive action, assertiveness and the desire to fight injustice include the cashew tree, hawthorn, juniper and all gum trees. Mars rules Aries.

Trees of Jupiter

Trees for wisdom, authority, expansion of horizons and conventional success include the banyan, chestnut, fig tree, lime tree, magnolia, maple, oak and sycamore. Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

Trees of Saturn

Trees for overcoming difficulties or limitations and for patience and endurance include beech, cypress, pine, tamarind and yew. Saturn rules Capricorn.

Trees of Uranus

Trees for times of change, developing adaptability and succeeding in exams and anything to do with the mind and learning include the jacaranda, cherry, coffee, nutmeg, myrrh and pomegranate. Uranus rules Aquarius.

Trees of Neptune

Trees for all psychic matters, intuition, inner wisdom, and water include the alder, apricot, pear, all vines, marsh and swamp trees. Neptune rules Pisces.

Trees of Pluto

Trees for removing what is redundant, whether old guilts, destructive habits or relationships that have run their course include blackthorn, eucalyptus, poplar and thorn apple trees. Pluto rules Scorpio.

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